Placement of the power button on the 2e

What is up with the placement of the power button? It’s like almost every time I hit the volume rocker, I accidentally keep hitting the power button. Will this design be the same in future versions?

Are you used to having phones that have the power button the opposite side or something? The closest I’ve gotten to having this problem with the 2e’s button placement was a badly designed case on a different phone with the same button placement where hitting the volume would often either trigger both volume buttons or the power button if I wasn’t careful enough.

Most phones are designed that way. Like the Teracube One. There’s a reason why most phones have the power button on the opposite side that is to prevent accidental presses from happening.

Honestly this is my third phone in a row that’s had the power and volume buttons on the same side, so I guess I never noticed how popular the alternative was.

While T1 did have the buttons on opposite sides, more and more phones are switching to having them on the same side. Actually some users did mention that they found Teracube one buttons being on the opposite sides to be slightly odd :slight_smile:.

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