Private Number Blocking

Hi, someone is harassing me from a private number and I can’t find the option to block unknown numbers from calling me (in the blocked numbers area, there’s no option to auto-reject all unknown numbers) and none of the third-party apps I’ve tried to replicate the function seem to work with the Teracube. I was wondering if this will ever be an option, or if there’s another way to turn it on?

I’m in Costa Rica right now and automatic call forwarding to voicemail isn’t working either. Thank you!

I have heard Truecaller has this functionality. Have you tried that with Teracube?

I’ll try that! Have been using Calls Blacklist.

Alternatively, you can call your carrier customer service and ask them to see if they have the ability to block private numbers for you. This is a service offered by some carriers but not all, YMMV.


TrueCaller works! I had to restart the phone after installing it, but it’s been auto-rejecting private numbers really well since then. Thank you!