Problems connecting to T-mobile network?

Hey you all,

I’m trying to get my phone set up with a smaller provider that uses T-mobile networks. I’m able to make calls and send/receive texts, but no internet, photo sending, etc. Received all the APN settings to check. Changed them to the ones called for by provider, still having the same issue after restart. Anyone else had issues? Of course, when I tell them what phone I’m on, they go “a what?”


What carrier are you using? Is the right APN selected after reboot? Also check everything matches - case sensitive

Sorry, I just found the “what to do if your mobile data isn’t working” posting. I have a couple things left to try.

Yes, generally the correct APN is selected after restart. I’m using Patriot Mobile

The factory reset sorted me out. Things seem to be working fine now! Thanks, friend

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