Pros and Cons (New Customer)

This will be a long review/message so please bare with me while in progress :grinning:. Right out the door I’ll admit I’m not very tech savvy. This is only the second smart phone I’ve ever owned. I had a Samsung J7 for about 5 years and searched high and low to find a replacement that’s similar yet also has some specifics I was wanting. That being said, I have varied emotions and feelings with my 2e. We’ll start with the PROS. I was impressed with the company taking the environment and waste into consideration. The packaging simply comes with your phone, the box and a very brief starting manual. :+1: Major respect for cleanliness and simplicity. The fact that there’s such a helpful company and expanding community to go along with it is also a huge plus and I’m very impressed. The phone comes with a case and removable battery. I specifically wanted the removable battery with my new purchase that way I can hopefully keep the phone long term, as in years, and simply buy a new or additional battery down the road instead of a whole new phone. The way government and big tech has and continues to grow, I don’t want to just accept the options they give us as far as products and their ability to constantly mine data. Another cool quality, which I consider a double plus, is the placement of the sd card. You must first remove the battery to access the slot. Many phones don’t even offer sd card slots. The placement in the 2e makes me think that the company considered not only the option to have external memory but also safety/security of the card. You can’t accidentally lose or remove the sd card unsafely. The dual SIM option is also a neat extra although I don’t expect I’ll ever use it. You’ll be surprised to find a fingerprint reader on the back to help secure your device and possible purchases. :astonished: WHAT!? The phone also came ready with a screen protector. Even though it’s cheap plastic, any place selling similar would probably charge at least $10. There’s also a very small, almost undetectable light that flashes occasionally when the phone is in operation and the flashlight is very bright. Now lets check out ‘inside’ the phone. I can’t really describe or compare RAM, processing, etc but I can tell you there’s no lagging when it comes to having one or many applications open at once. The phone is simplified, doesn’t come with a lot of preloaded apps I’ll never use and has the option to delete or turn off almost all of them. When I’ve considered other phones, this was one of my top concerns. Many others advertise they have 32 Gigs of storage yet never want to mention that 20 Gigs or more are preloaded apps you’ll probably never use, don’t want or need and can’t easily delete; if at all. The 2e comes with 64 Gigs of storage and only about 10 Gigs were preloaded apps. I’m also impressed with the camera/video quality. It’s way better than what I expected on a phone that was less than $300. It really gets interesting when you get into phone layouts, settings, etc. I was thrilled to see all the different options available. There’s really too much to list. The ones I really like are the options for lock screen display (day and time ONLY), triple tap accessiblity feature with magnification as well as the clock and battery percentage display. To most, these might seem very insignificant and not worth mentioning but to me, I like the little things. A big plus for entertainment use is the fact that a video will continue to play online (even on YouTube) when the screen is off although you can’t see but only hear it. Maybe this is common for the newer OS but I know I’ve never experienced this luxury until now. Charging the phone is surprisingly quick and the battery holds up very well as long as the phone isn’t in heavy or constant use other than basic procedures (talking, texting, browsing). I think that covers the PROS for now but I’ll be sure to add more later as I notice them. And now for the CONS. Before I get ahead of myself, I’ll admit some of these are quite possibly due to my own operator error and/or ignorance with the device. The first item worth mentioning is the lack of charging cord. Although it’s a plus that the phone can use any other USB C cord, for the price of the phone you’d think an extra $5 or so could cover a very small, basic charging cord. The back cover of the phone seems to be made to come off with the case regardless of what you try to do. Although the fingerprint security option is on the phone, it isn’t required to unlock the phone like I had hoped. This apparently only works when trying to make online purchases via credit card. The first major flaw I noticed ‘within’ the phone was the lack of swipe texting. The hunt and peck method is so annoying and unacceptable. I downloaded an additional keyboard via the wonderful app store. Now my phone freezes up at random times a day and is usually only corrected by removing the battery because it won’t even turn off. I’m thinking it may be the keyboard app causing this problem. I’m uncertain though because this also has happened while trying to watch videos online. The biggest problem I’ve had so far was my phone freezing up while taking pictures. I was in the middle of taking pictures of plants and fruits I was hoping to identify and turned off the screen until the next opportunity. When I unlocked the screen again only about the top half of the screen was working :thinking:. The quality was very poor and jumpy so I turned it off and tried again. Same thing happened :dizzy_face:. Finally I popped the battery out to restart. Then the screen was still only half working, very fuzzy and jumpy PLUS now I couldn’t swipe to unlock :triumph:. I left the battery out for a few hours; trying a few more times but no changes :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: . I finally took it to a phone shop where the guy had it for maybe 2 mins and it started operating as it should :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. He said he didn’t do anything but that the phone corrected itself. :face_with_monocle: What could this possibly be? This is one of the reasons I’ve had to edit this post over and over so I don’t lose progress. Other than the annoying freeze ups, the very close second most annoying fault I’ve noticed so far deals with storage and gallery modifications. Maybe, due to my ignorance and inexperience, I’m doing something wrong but not only can I not rename a picture or video but it seems I also cannot move them to specific folders or onto my SD card. I’m sure there’s something I’m missing here. If not, HUGE THUMBS DOWN. And while we’re on media flaws, remember the glorious ability to listen to videos online even while the screen is off? Apparently that ability was ignored for the media stored on your phone/SD card. And the videos won’t even play while minimized. Sticking with the topic of media, the speakers and volume are severely lacking. I expected much more than what I’m getting. I’ve unlocked developer options as well but no changes. Bluetooth starts breaking up and losing signal after only about 20 feet plus I have to manually connect my ear buds sometimes because the phone can’t seem to do it. When playing a game or watching videos the battery drains really fast. When you consider how fast it charges and then how fast it drains while in above casual usage that tells me this battery might run it’s course very quickly. And finally, the newest flaw/issue I’m experiencing is that I can’t seem to send any pictures or videos via text messaging. I’ve tried numerous times but it always says “Failed to send. Tap to try again.” I admit, I expected some minor issues with this phone although I was hoping it would be a near perfect replacement. So far the major issues I’m having are a serious annoyance and I can’t figure out how to fix any of them. With the freeze ups, my only option appears to be that I must delete the downloaded keyboard. Maybe there’s a better and more common option others use. If that doesn’t solve the problem then it leads me to believe the phone is the source of the issue. Low volume output; I can live with. No charger in the package isn’t a deal breaker either. Not being able to rename files and move them around or onto my SD card is just the dumbest thing ever. I’m really hoping much more qualified and knowledgeable people read this and can help me eliminate some of the issues. If so, I’ll definitely be editing my list of CONS. If not, I probably won’t be keeping this phone nor be a return customer. Any advice, suggestions and help is very much appreciated. Thanks for your time and I hope I have been helpful.

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Hi, thanks for your post! Sounds like there are some frustrating problems there. I actually don’t have my Teracube 2e yet, and am waiting on delivery. I’m not super knowledgeable about all this either, but can probable help you some with this image file problem. The real issue is that gallery (picture viewing) apps aren’t currently geared towards what users want, they’re designed for pushing large files (images) to the cloud so customers are forced to buy cloud storage. Depending on your gallery app, this can be easier or harder to circumvent. The answer may, however, lie in your file manager. I use a file manager called Amaze ( that, when installed, allows me to save images (and other files) to my external SD card via the “share” function (the three dots, two lines thing) of the gallary app. If the Amaze app is installed, when you tap the share function, a “Save as…” option using the Amaze icon should be available (along with the options to do other things like bluetooth share, Facebook (if you do that), SMS (if it was working), etc). Amaze will also let you rename the original files, or the files you copy to your SD card.

Hey and thanks for the response and suggestion. The Gallery app I’m using is whatever was preloaded. I think its Version 1.1.40030 Android Gallery 3d. That’s the info I read when looking under settings. I’ll definitely check out the alternative you mentioned. Based on what you said about designing galleries in a way to compel customers to buy Cloud storage is just another reason to get away and stay away from those companies and all their products. What’s really alarming and dangerous is how most of us are contributing to their goal of building a new world that includes the “Internet of Things” and at the same time willingly giving up our rights, freedoms and privacy. But I digress; I refrain from going off on an hour long tangent. I really do appreciate the advice and hope your suggestion works. Do you have any specific questions or concerns about your phone? Anything I might can give you a heads up about? Thanks again!

UPDATE #1 - It’s been almost 24 hrs since I deleted the keyboard app I thought was giving me issues. I’m happy to say that so far my phone hasn’t frozen up at all. I’m still on a mission to find a keyboard with swipe function that won’t give me a headache. Any suggestions? Also, I’m known to own my faults and mistakes pretty well so I must admit that my issues with the fingerprint scanner was due to operator error. I don’t know what I was doing wrong before but it works fine now every time. Once I try out the above suggestion pertaining to Gallery/file issues I’ll update on that topic as well.
UPDATE #2 - Not long after posting the first update my phone froze up while watching a downloaded video. Once again I had to remove the battery in order to try and regain a functioning phone. So annoying! Any troubleshooting or bug advice? I also tried downloading a version of the above mentioned file manager via the /e/ App store but it wouldn’t download. Instead I downloaded another called File Manager Pro which seems to be doing fine. It’s definitely nothing fancy and pretty but that’s not what’s important. It’s doing the job that’s required and I’m content.

You may wish to check out OpenBoard to see if it does what you need. Also available via F-Droid

Good luck!

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m currently trying it out but I cannot find an option for swipe method typing. Further suggestions?

FlorisBoard is also a free and open source keyboard in BETA. Again, not sure if this solves the swipe matter but something to potentially check out.

@Ghazi82 - welcome to Teracube forums and thanks for posting your query/feedback. Just to confirm - are you using /e/ OS on the 2e? If yes, you could benefit by posting your query in the /e/ forums as well ( I personally have not used /e/ OS, however, there are many other /e/ users in here who can help out with your keyboard and gallery questions.

Finally found swipe texting within the settings. Took a while but I figured it out. It’s called Glide style and is listed under Gestures instead of Keyboard and Typing. So far so good. Thanks again for the help! :grin:


Thanks for the suggestion Sharad. Will do! :+1:

You’re most welcome @Ghazi82, glad to help. As for a replacement file manager, you can try “FX File Explorer” available via Aurora Store and as for a replacement Gallery app try “Simple Gallery Pro” available via F-Droid.

And as @Sharad mentioned, it might be more appropriate to raise /e/OS-specific issues to the /e/ forums in the future.