Question about the Camera on Teracube2e

I just bought an LG V20 and the camera is just about useless for anything with print. About the only time I use a phone camera is when depositing checks, recording serial numbers, etc. so this aspect is important to me. I had an LG G5 and the camera was superb on it for this, so I expected the V20 to be at least as good, but the contrast leaves the images muddy looking and the focus is always off, it’s never a clear image. I do get slightly better images when using the distance camera, but still nothing near the quality of the G5.

I’m very interested in purchasing the Teracube2e but I don’t want to make the same mistake and end up with having to replace the phone in another month like the V20.

Any advice about the camera quality for this purpose (or samples of generic text) would be greatly appreciated before I take the plunge to purchase the Teracube2e. Many thanks.


Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply. We would say you can expect entry-level camera performance from Teracube 2e - nothing higher. Is there any specific image you’ll like us to provide - like a printed text or something? Lighting also plays a big role.

Here’s an example of the LG V20 vs the bit older LG G5. These were both taken at night with just overhead lights on, same exact position. It doesn’t matter if the LG V20 is in sunlight, any closeups are fuzzy and washed out, while the G5 can always give clear sharp images, even of text. The cameras between these 2 phones are almost identical in specs.

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