Question about third-party offering

Hello, i have by a Teracube 2e at iodé. The sales webpage was a little bit misleading. It was offered with the feature “Biodegradable Phone Case” and “no USB charger” and further iodé written, all phones are delivered with a “screen protector”.

The mistakes:

  • Biodegradable Phone Case: The phone was only delivered with this, and without a normal case. This was very surprising to see the blank backside after removed it. No normal case was delivered. In the sales photos it was with normal and bio case. The question is: It is possible to order a Teracube 2e only with this Biodegradable Phone Case and without a normal case directly by Teracube?

  • no USB charger: In the Phone package is a USB cable included, but no charger. On the teracube sales webpage is a USB charger only with USB cable offered. Because, i don’t had a charger, i must by one and have it do it in the Teracube shop. Yet i have 2 USB cable.

  • screen protector: Because, Teracube offers a screen protector, i think, it was the Teracube Glass Screen Protector, but it was only a thin foil. Not so happy, also because with air bubbles. It’s only a info for you.

A further matter is the iodé OS. On Teracube 2e is only iodé 2 possible and not the new iodé 3. Thats not so easy. Maybe the same problem as with Ubuntu. Old hardware is not supported. The unpleasant question is whether Teracube 2e is already outdated?

Apart from that, many thanks to the Teracube team to realised the Tecarube 2e phone. With iodé, /e/ or lineage OS it is a good purchase option. The price … is at the pain threshold with (350$). Otherwise, I would have bought a (throwaway) device, like a realme or Samsung Galaxy A series or similar ($150-200). My interest lay in an alternative OS and a replaceable battery.

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Sorry for the trouble.

Have you reached out to iode support about the issues you had with the order?

Please do so, and let us know if you don’t hear anything back within about a week or so.

I had asked the question 14 days ago in the iodé forum - no answer. By email now came the answer that iodé offers the Teracube 2e only with bio and without normal case.

The question to you is now, whether you sell the Teracube 2e without normal and only with bio case?

The further question is whether the bio case can be attached over the normal case?
(The bio case offers little protection against dust and dirt and no protection against moisture.)

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Sorry for the delay.

Do you mean the Back Cover when you say normal case?

@Saijin_Naib , yes the back cover.

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Every unit should ship with the back cover and the biodegradable case both.

Are you able to follow up with iode support to see if they can rectify the missing back cover for your purchase?

Hello @Saijin_Naib

big mistake.

The normal back cover is in the biodegradable back cover after removing the biodegradable back cover. It must be extracted very carefully because it fits very tight. So when the biodegradable back cover is removed, the normal back cover also comes off and is then in the biodegradable back cover.

I had done this in low light and did not see it. Today during the day I noticed it.

All is good!



Enjoy and glad it’s resolved :sunglasses: