Question about Warranty

A few things aren’t made very clear. So the T2e has a 4 year warranty. On the warranty page it says it’s a “limited” warranty. Aka the standard manufacture defects and a list of stuff it doesn’t cover like damage from usage which is IMPLIED that is the “Accidental Repair” which lists “advertised price” which is currently $99. Is this accidental repair price part of this 4 year warranty. Meaning that after that 4 years, it will no longer be possible to send it in for example, a screen motherboard repair. And does the accidental repair cover what is specified the limited warranty does NOT cover? This is not made clear and as a result, I’m not sure what isn’t covered under both or if accidental is anything not under limited indiscriminately.

Curiously, what options do you have if you received a Teracube from a 3rd party seller? Is the 4 years referenced based on manufacture date by default?

I also see “Teracube Wireless plan” and I’m led to believe this is an exclusive to the Teracube Thrive.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Aje05 - sorry for the long delay. We will continue to provide repair services beyond 4 years (as long as we have parts). 4-year is the minimum term.

In layman’s terms, accidental repair covers anything that is caused by an actual accident - drop, water damage, etc. Everything that is not part of an accident should be covered by warranty.

If you bought it from a 3rd party seller, then the warranty date starts from the date the original seller bought it on.

Yes - Teracube Wireless is exclusive to Teracube Thrive as of now. We will be looking to extend it to other phones in the future.