Question on the life of the TeraCube one

So, We bought 2 TeraCbue phones when they first came out last year. We have had service with Cricket Wireless because they were the most reasonably priced and had the best service where we live.
This last week we had to buy 2 new phones from them because the TeraCube is no longer compatible with their cell service. They have moved on to a 5G network and the TeraCube is no longer supported as stated in my chat session with them:

AGENT (Joseph S.): Starting January 19, 2021, Cricket will no longer activate devices that customers bring to Cricket if the device is not HD Voice-capable or an LTE-capable data-only device compatible with the Cricket network.

So, My question is, What are we supposed to do with 2 $300 phones that no cellular service will be supporting as they upgrade their service? Are we just supposed to eat that $600 investment or is there going to be some kind of upgrade available?


Hi there - the new Cricket rules apply for new devices. Your Cricket SIM would have continued to work till Feb 2022, as per their announcement. Were you having issues with your service before switching over?

This is something AT&T announced after we had shipped our phones. We are working on getting Teracube 2e certified with them and will also look into what can be done for Teracube One.

Also please note that TMobile, MetroPCS, Mint Mobile, Simple Mobile, Ting and all other T-Mobile MVNOs continue to be fully compatible with Teracube phones.

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