Question on WiFi Calling with Red Pocket / T-Mobile

I have the new release 2E and I’m using T-Mobile through Red Pocket (GSMT). I verified with Red Pocket that my account is set up for WiFi calling

I do have VoLTE, and I can connect to a WiFi network, but it appears that WiFi calling is not working.

If I set WiFi calling to “WiFi Only” for some reason it doesn’t work; I get a message telling me I need to connect to a network before I can make the call even when WiFi is connected and working.

When I checked the phone information screen (" # #4636# # ") is shows that WiFi calling is provisioned (although button is “greyed” out, can’t be changed), but when I check the “IMS service status” menu, I see that voice over WiFi is not available.

Can someone tell me how I can test whether or not WiFi calling works, and if it doesn’t, what can be done to fix it?


Hi @jc62 - I’m assuming you are running stock factory firmware on the T2e. You can check Vowifi using the following steps:

  1. Make sure you are still connected to the mobile network (has good signal).
  2. Set Wi-Fi calling preference to “Call over Wi-Fi”
  3. Make a call. If it shows the Wifi icon when the call is connected (next to call duration in the center of the call screen), then your call is going over Wifi.
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Thanks Sharad, I have two 2e Emeralds, one on stock factory firmware and the other is flashed with /e/.

Apparently there was an issue with WiFi calling not being properly set up at Red Pocket, so once this was taken care of WiFi calling on the 2e with stock factory android worked, but so far not on the 2e with /e/.

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