Questions about performance custom roms and newer phone

So I currently am looking to buy a phone and i was wondering how close we are to having you guys make a new phone its been quite a while and im fine with waiting 1 or 2 months for one but I don’t want to buy the 2e then see a new phone and get buyers remorse.

As for my questions about the 2e you guys said that games like candy crush run fine but what about other games that might be a bit more intensive like clash of clans which does require a decent bit to run smoothly tho not much another thing im curious about is custom roms sorry if this is a bit dumb to ask but do they get the same amount of updates as the stock version and does unlocking the bootloader void warranty since im aware that is a common thing.

Hi @Red - welcome to Teracube forums. We are not working on a new phone yet. Currently we are in the middle of manufacturing the next batch of 2e units.

T2e is comparable to entry-level phones - so please set your expectations accordingly. Heavier games may struggle.

Custom from updates will depend on their open source developer. We provide them support, however are not able to dictate update frequency.

No - unlocking the bootloader does not void warranty. Its perfectly fine with us.

All of that was useful except for the fact that i have no idea what qualifies as a heavier game other then genshin impact which is basically the crisis for phones