Questions about screen repair and warranty

Hello, i have few questions about the screen repair and the warranty.

consider: Teracube 2e with iodé (buy by iodé this year).

Facts (from this forum):

  • A broken screen glass is not included in the warranty.
  • There is a tutorial for screen glass self repair.
  • A “repair” with warranty is not a repair of the own device, rather an other repaired device will be send back.


  • A “repair” without warranty (cost $99) is not a repair of the own device, rather an other repaired device will be send back?
  • A “repaired” device comes back with the original operation system (in this case: iodé)? [PS: data and apps and settings dispensable]
  • The main-chassis is called “mid-frame”?
  • The main-chassis is glued on the glass screen?
  • A self replacement of the screen don’t touch the 4 year warranty?
  • What is the price of a screen replacement by teracube (support) including shipping costs (europe, germany)?
  • The “Teracube 2e Replacement Screen” in the shop is included the glued main-chassis backside?

The answers are needed to decide considerations.

I have no idea how to install the OS iodé on a so to speak empty device or to a device with an another OS.

A self-repair by me is out of the question, because a user here reported that a component broke in the process. There is the (untested) possibility to buy a screen glass in the teracube store and have the repair done by a local company (smartphone clinic).

Unfortunatly, someone unknown stranger broke the screen of my new Teracube 2e in my absence, while I was at the beach. If it was me, it would be different. Now I thought it might not be as bad as other smartphones because the parts are not glued. But it does turn out to be a bit complex. The existing info is not very clear for me. I hope all questions can be answered.


If the repair managed through Iode team, then yes - the replacement phone will come with Iode OS (without your data)

Yes - the mid-frame is the aluminium chasis sandwiched between the display and motherboard/battery.

I would say it other way around. The display is glued to the mid-frame aka main-chassis.

Correct. However, if there is damage during your self-repair, then we have to treat it as an accidental repair (paid).

USD 89 inclusive of shipping

Correct… The screen spare part comes with the display glued to the mid-frame.

@Sharad , many thanks for the answers. It’s not so easy, it’s a little bit complex. Further questions:



This all means, the display is glued on the mid-frame (chassis) and the mid-frame (chassis) is glued on the screen glass?
The shop offer screen glass is also not only a screen glass, but a display with screen class including the mid-frame (chassis)? There are no hints or notes for that in the shop.

This would then be an agreement with the local repair company that if they cause repair damage, they will pay for its repair. Your price of USD 89 inclusive of shipping is in tough competition with it. Under consideration of the shipping cost of the screen glass by a “self repair”. Unfortunately, the original device will not be returned in case of a repair by you. All the information is important for making a decision.

That possibility with a repair over iodé is new for me. It’s a new complexity. Because, i have no knowledge to install iodé. A repair through you moves to the back of the list of possibilities.

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@Sharad , please answers of my questions.

Otherwise: A new info has disappointed me a bit. Repairing/replacing a broken screen glass for any smartphone costs 90 € in small repair stores that exist here. So it is irrelevant whether it is glued or not.

I hope you are not getting confused by the glass screen protector. We sell them separately:

  1. Glass screen protector: just a screen protector
  2. Spare screen repair part: This is the complete glass+display+mid-frame assembly.

I mean this:

Yes - this comes with complete display assembly … front glass + display + mid-frame.

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