Quick access to camera & flashlight (lock screen? power button?)

Coming from a Moto phone with the utterly genius Moto Actions feature - “chop” for flashlight, “twist” for camera - I had become deeply addicted to that level of quick access to those features. It was the biggest concern I had when switching to the Teracube 2e. With my temporary Samsung loaner, I found I was able to quickly access the flashlight from the lock screen (though the damn thing often “snapped back” and disregarded my swipe intent without toggling), and access the camera by double-tapping the power button. Nice!

But with the Teracube 2e, it’s a big step backwards - not only is there no double-tap power button action for camera, but there’s no lock screen shortcuts either! I have to fiddle with the notification drawer to get to the flashlight, AND I have to fully unlock, go home, and open the Camera app to get to the camera. Look, I get it, first world problems, but this is a BIG LEAP backwards coming from “just take phone out of pocket and make a flipping gesture with it in the same motion as lifting it up for the photo”, or “chop twice while pulling phone out of pocket and impress friends with instant flashlight”.

Hopefully, at a bare minimum, the lock screen shortcuts from Android 10 are coming to, well, Android 11 when that update comes out…?

Otherwise, what alternatives are there?

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Double press of the power button should bring out the camera app. Can you try that?

Other alternatives

  1. Gravity gestures (disclaimer: 3rd party app).
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/AndroidQuestions/comments/7la8j7/whats_a_good_alternative_to_moto_actions/
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Nope, I wish it did! Double press the power button just flips the screen on and back off. :thinking:

Maybe a setting I can look for - because that would be super great if it worked!

Aha! I searched the Settings page for “button” and I found it:

Settings -> System -> Intelligent Assistance -> Jump to camera

Nice!! That’s one of two killer features :smile:

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Maybe we should enable it by default :wink:.


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