Quickstep Launcher Suggestions

I’m enjoying the launcher – it’s simple, quick, and has cool features, e.g., double-tap to wake screen (love that). And this is the first phone I haven’t had to hide app icons because of bloatware I couldn’t remove :grinning:

I like a completely blank home screen when I turn it on, to enjoy my wallpaper. It would be great if the Google search bar up top could be optional, so I could turn it off.

I love using folders, but again, I don’t want clutter up my home screen. It would also be great if we are able to create folders in the all-apps view (when swiping up from home screen).

I understand my requests might be specific to me, but I think others might like it too. The Google search bar is irrelevant if you are using “Hey Google” or long-tapping the home button. Folder customization is a popular request of many launchers.

Thanks for listening!



Thanks for the suggestion, Jeff.

Personally, I am a huge fan of Nova Launcher. I have it installed on almost every single Android device that I have owned. It is slick, fast, lots of customization, and full of great features. There is a free version available so maybe you can try it out to see if it works for you as well. This is one of the beauty of running Android, is that there is tremendous amount of customization available.

I use Lawnchair launcher and it allows you to remove everything but the very bottom search bar. I think you can also remove that search bar in the basic Lawnchair app but I also use Sesame and I think that locks a search bar to the home screen. Lawnchair (and many other launchers and app drawer apps) allow for building folder sets in the app drawer. Lawnchair is free (and well built) so it is easy to give it a try. If you are a news junkie like me, add Lawnfeed. It gives you back the left swipe for the Google feed.

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@Debra - are you using Lawnchair on play store? I remember trying it out sometime back and I had to get the apk for v2 since that the play store version was still v1.

V2 is now on the play store. Lawnchair 2


Until the hybrid cloud remote mode we.sep OS now I use 2 Android 2 iOS mini towers with this launcher and unless you thought is was a high end network from frys it was under 350