Ready to buy a 2e...but where?

$329 = Murena Teracube 2e – eSolutions – deGoogled phones and services
$299 = Teracube 2e - Eco-Friendly Smartphone

Are these the same phones? I’m confused about the price difference. Is one a reseller? I’m hoping to get the correct one and want to be sure I get SN2021 and not SN202.


I don’t represent the company, but both 2e’s are the same as far as the hardware is concerned. The Murena ships with /e/ OS, which is a de-googled android operating system, whereas the phone directly from Teracube comes with android 10. As for the batch, I believe all will be the 2021/2022 batch if you buy brand new. If you want a first batch, you’ll have to buy used from Marketplace - Teracube Community. Hope this helps

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Thank you. It probably should have been obvious to me, but I appreciate the help. Sometimes it’s fun being on the bleeding edge, even if this isn’t that bloody here any longer.

These two are the same phones hardware-wise. However, the Murena version comes with /e/ OS pre-installed while one sold directly by Teracube comes with Stock Android (with Google play store).