Recovery partition?

Will this fix the missing recovery?

Could you elaborate on missing recovery?

I mentioned it in the bugs thread. If “Recovery” is selected from boot menu, an open Android pic is shown with the text “No Command”. In other words, recovery is missing.

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This is the default behavior on many Android phones. For example - check this XDA post.

Standard recovery is usually meant to follow the command from the main Android - Reset, clear cache, etc. Booting into standard recovery does not serve any purpose.

Custom recovery like TWRP on the other hand give lots of options to advanced users. We do not have a working custom recovery yet though.

If you read through the thread you referenced, it is clear that this is not the expected behavior.

Followed by suggestions that maybe the volume button isn’t working, or that wrong combo of buttons &/or wrong timing were used.

Here are some screen shots of standard recovery from one of my non-rooted devices (alcatel):

This is the norm. All of our Android devices (phones & tablets) that are stock have a recovery menu.

This is not a huge deal, most users won’t ever use it. But I though you should be aware.


I stand corrected - that doesn’t seem to be the norm. We will check and get back on this thread.


Will using TWRP void the warranty? Would be cool to have the option of stock or TWRP recovery installed if buying the phone. Might make it easier to get XDA News writers to write an article about the phone “first phone with twrp recovery installed by default option comes with 4 year warranty”

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I was thinking the same thing! It would be so awesome if it came with TWRP.

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Installing TWRP will not void the warranty. We do not have a working TWRP though at this moment - let us know if anyone wants to take up the porting job.

When I get my teracube in the mail I might take it up, might not be super quick tho since I need to brush up on my coding skills and learn android dev specifically

EDIT: doesn’t look terribly hard

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My teracube has arrived in my country of residence so hopefully I’ll receive it soon and can get a functioning port running this week to upload with install instructions

Edit: nvm, could be stuck in Customs

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Here are the steps to get to Recovery.

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Stuck in customs. The Spanish postal service is a joke. I’ll upload the TWRP build once I compile it and it’s working on my phone.

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