Red Pocket (AT&T) on Teracube One

Those APN settings match mine… however I only get 3G. My normal area is Greater Houston, Texas, but also only got 3G on a recent business trip to Downtown Denver, CO. I just moved my RedPocket SIM to a Pixel 3 XL phone and I get H+ 3G - which is considerably better than simple 3G - but can’t seem to get that H+ on the Teracube One phone. @gpfromnc I do LOVE the $11/month on RedPocket - I’m 6 months into a one year prepaid account. The 3G issue began after the latest update from Teracube - not saying that was the cause but that’s when the issue became noticeable. Started missing emails and virtually unusable data when away from wifi. For now I’m off the Teracube phone onto the Pixel.

Wonder if the difference is the coverage market or if the 2e simply handles the network differently than the Teracube One?

@maxdoubt - are you on Red Pocket AT&T or Red Pocket TMobile? Ideally, the update should not have mattered if the APN settings match. Would love to troubleshoot this if you can go back to the Teracube one for a bit.

Have you noticed download speed differences? It might just be a nomenclature thingy.

RedPocket AT&T - can go back to the teracube one easily - but don’t have it with me right now.

Since both the Pixel and Teracube are not getting LTE (4G) - I would guess there could be a configuration issue on Red Pocket side. Its worth checking with their CS.

@Sharad on the phone with them now - thanks for the suggestion. Hopefully I can get it resolved and go back to the Teracube. However I’ve had GPS issues from day one with the Teracube all on the AT&T network, through AT&T, Consumer Cellular, and now RedPocket. The GPS never knows where I am and constantly reroutes me when using a nav app.

We have had few issue with T1 GPS. If you are interested, we can do a warranty swap of your unit and see if the replacement does better with GPS apps.

Ok, so just got off the phone with Red Pocket - they made NO changes to my APN - but did a reset of my data on their end, had me pull the SIM for 5 minutes, and voila! LTE data now. I’m going to try the SIM back in my Teracube One tonight and see if I get LTE data, if so, I’d like to take advantage of the warranty option for the GPS issue and return this Pixel 3 XL and keep my T1.

@sharad, I’ve confirmed that I am now able to get 4G LTE on the T1, but still have the GPS issue, what is the process to do a warranty swap to see if a replacement fixes the GPS issues?

Awesome. Will be helpful if you can share the new APN or whatever changes you made. Update: just remembered - the change was on Red Pocket side, right?

You can kickstart the warranty swap by emailing