Red Pocket question

Hate asking this because I think it was covered in the kickstarter comments section, but hard to find the answers there.

Can you use the Verizon network through Red Pocket? Or is Verizon access a no-go regardless of how you try accessing it?

I would like to echo the above question.
I was previously using Verizon’s network and it worked great. AT&T claims they have service in my area but I haven’t found it anywhere in 2 days. Going back to my old phone and Verizon until the Teracube works with Verizon.

Red Pocket GSMT should work reliably (as it is most likely based on T-Mobile). Their Verizon network is something we have not tested frankly - something worth doing though. Do you already have a Red Pocket SIM (Verizon) ?

Unfortunately Verizon is not supported as of now - this is confirmed by several users as well.

Is it Teracube’s hardware that can’t do CDMA, or is it some other issue? If it’s hardware, then Verison & Sprint are out all together.

Sprint is not supported at the hardware level.

Verizon is not supported due to certification. Teracube does not have CDMA but does support Verizon’s 4G LTE Band 13 and Verizon’s 3G. Many Verizon supported phones now work on LTE (4G) and 3G even though they do not have CDMA (2G).

Still even though Teracube’s hardware may be mostly compliant with Verizon, it has not passed their certification. So Teracube will not work on Verizon network directly. MVNO like Red Pocket might be a different story though. We will purchase a Red Pocket (Verizon) SIM and try it out.

Locally Verizon is CDMA (maybe this varies by location??), so it’s probably a no-go here.

We have a Red Pocket Verizon SIM (listed as CDMA) on the way. We’ll post how it goes, but I’m pretty sure it won’t work as Red Pocket themselves consider it CDMA.