Registering Teracube 2E in colombia

My phone is not on the list of devices permitted to operate in Colombia. Where can I find the necessary documents to register this phone model with the Colombian government?

Here is more information: How to Register and Unblock your Phone in Colombia - Homologación de Celulares

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It looks like the blog you posted lists the steps and resources needed to pull the required documentation, like the FCC documents.

Have you tried following the guide?

They want an actual official manufacturer specifications sheet which is very rare in the consumer world. Only a small handful of device manufacturers make this available.

Where can I find this document?

It is worth noting that this is for the device model; normally Teracube would have already done this for me

Except the comments on that page also says that it can only be done by manufacturers who have Columbian citizens who can actually submit the paperwork as the government rejects any attempts without a Columbian citizen ID, so visitors or companies who simply want their phones to work for longer than a month are out of luck.

And the part immediately after what you posted has the the needed steps for you to solve it.