Repairing the screen

The top of my Teracube 2E screen has started to peel away from the bezel. Any advice how to repair this?

The screen itself still works fine but there is some light leakage from the backlight LEDs and it’s eating up dust when it’s my pocket which I think will probably be bad for it in the long run. Is it just glued into place?

Hi @jhharvest - sorry about this. Yes - the display is glued to the frame. There are 2 options:

  1. You could check with a local smartphone repair shop if they can help glue it back.

  2. Or we can do a warranty swap (email:

Thanks @Sharad ! I’ve arranged for a warranty swap. The process seems very friendly so no issues there.

I think Fairphone would send out a replacement display unit so I wasn’t sure if there was some similar user repair option here.

We could in the future :slight_smile:. Our phones are not as easy to repair yet (especially the display).