Replying to group SMS involving iPhone friends (Workaround)

User reported Issue
If your kid has friends who have iPhones - then your kid may not be able to reply to group SMS initiated by their iPhone friends. Note: The issue does not happen if the group SMS was initiated from Thrive phone.

We are looking into fixing the issue in our Messages app. In the meantime, here is a workaround to use a different SMS app:

On the Thrive phone

  1. Open the Play app store

  2. Search and Install “Messages by Google” MessagesGoogleIcon

  3. Open the new Messages app. It will be blocked.

"On the Parent phone" - iPhone or Android

  1. Open the Thrive Parent app
  2. Goto child profile > Blocked apps
  3. Locate the Messages app and allow it.
    Note: Both the old and new apps are called Messages. They might show the same icon as well. Keep both approved.

Back on the Thrive Phone

  1. Swipe up from home screen to see all apps.
  2. Open the new Messages by Google MessagesGoogleIcon
  3. Inside that app, set it as the default SMS app.
  4. Now you should be able to reply to group SMS.

(Optional) 11. In order to easily access the new Messages app, hold+drag the new Messages app from All apps to home screen. Also you can Remove the shortcut to the old Messages app.

Note: The default Messages app has a safety feature that blocks all SMS from unknown contacts. The Messages by Google app does not have this feature.

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