Roaming issues?

I bought my 2e in the UK, and am having trouble getting it to connect to network while in the US. I’ve contacted my UK service provider (Virgin), and apart from selecting different networks, restarting the phone etc. the only suggestion they had is to try a different handset. They also checked that my phone was set up for roaming. Fortunately, I’ve just received a new 2e as my first one is faulty. Inserting my UK SIM into the new handset does not seem to work either.

Is this a known issue with Teracubes? Has anyone else experienced roaming issues? I’ll also test on a non-teracube handset when I get the chance.

Teracube 2e has Bands for both US and UK easily. Can you check few things:

  1. Do you happen to have another/spare phone where you can test if roaming is working/enabled?
  2. Can you check which US carrier does Virgin partner with for roaming?
  3. Could this be an APN issue? Here is a guide from Virgin

Thanks Sharad, I contacted Virgin again and it looks like my SIM may be faulty/too old for roaming.

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