Screen broken

Hey, I’m new around here :wave:
I’ve had my 2e for nearly 2 years, it’s been great. But now the screen is broken :slightly_frowning_face:. Really annoyingly the screen protector is fine, but beneath it the screen is very smashed.
Does anyone have experience of sending it off to be fixed? I’ve been sent a link to pay for repair before they give me details of where to send it etc. Seems a bit odd.
I’m in the UK. Any advice welcome.

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If you feel more comfortable doing the repair yourself, you can always grab a screen replacement part and do it yourself:

Otherwise, starting a repair inquiry with is going to be your best bet.

Related to this: my screen is undamaged but separating. Is there a recommended adhesive for getting it stuck back on semi-reversibly? For that matter, is there an “Instructables” like walk-through/video for the replacement process?

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Here is the screen replacement article:

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