Screen disappears with phone calls

So, recently the phone has been doing some major weird things. For example, I will dial a number and the moment it rings, the screen goes dark. The only way to undo/start again is to reboot the phone.
Can anyone advise?

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Do you have a screen protector installed?
I suspect the screen protector interfering with the proximity sensor.

It is the screen protector that came with the phone. And this only happened recently, after having my teracube for almost a year now. So I am confused!
Thanks tho… good thought.

Could be dirt on the top part of the phone… that’s what I suspect xD
Had that on a couple of devices before, so :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @Pat_Loeb - did cleaning help with the issue? Here are a few more things to try:

  1. Settings > Apps & notifications > Phone > Notifications should be On.
  2. While there (inside Phone app info), click on storage and Clear cache and storage.
  3. Reboot and try an incoming call.
  4. If this doesn’t work, then we can try usual steps of first doing a cache cleanup
  5. If these do not fix it, then remove the screen protector and try again.

well, still happening.
let me try cleaning again but i dont know what’s happeniing. I also can’t turn the phone off when this happens…

Hi @Pat_Loeb - if cleaning does not help, then please remove the screen protector, clean again and then try.

If all these fail, then maybe it needs a warranty replacement.

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I will try to clean it again — and thank you. It is frustrating because I can’t use the screen to press numbers for departments, go on mute or speaker, or for that matter hang up when we’re done.
Crossing fingers that this works…

Sigh. Still happens sporadically. Not sure if I am still in warranty. Help?
ALSO the little rubber thing that makes the on/off accessible has fallen off.
Y’all, this phone was supposed to last longer than the fancy ones. Mine is just not…

So, weird things still happen
The phone still occasionally goes dark. But now it just shuts itself off periodically with no warning. Not based on anything — battery is full, just doing work and the phone goes dead.
And the outside protective case is breaking up around the on-off button, whose rubber tip has disappeared.
The phone is still under a year old, but coming up on a year. I just can’t be without it cuz so much of my work is on cell these days. I am happy to get a warranty replacement but how do I do that? I am so frustrated! So much still is wrong — still get blue photos when flash is used, still have issues with the camera eye focusing, still have that damn notification light that blinks all nite (yes I hide it upside down under things but still…). All those things I mentioned before, all need repair.

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You can reach out to to get that process started.

Does your phone have the shutting off issue without the case on? If the case is failing around the on/off button, it could be pressing down on it when being held for calls.

Mine does the same thing. Goes black with every phone call. Very frustrating since I use the phone for work and end up scrambling to get the screen on to hang up or go on speaker.

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I tried to reach out to the support email now that my schedule has stopped flipping, and it bounced back. Now what?
I am so unhappy…

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That’s unusual! right?

Could you please try again and I’ll follow up with the team to check what might be going on.

Hi @Estelle_Hjertaas - have you tried cleaning and/or removing the screen protector? Sometimes the screen protector covers the proximity sensor and causes this issue.

@Pat_Loeb - could you check if the email address you sent to is You could also live chat with us or schedule a call.

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There is no screen protector, so that is not the issue. It has been ongoing for over a year.

Also, my screen (like the whole glass front and metal behind it) has detached from the rest of the phone since last weekend. I emailed support over the weekend and have yet to receive a reply.