Screen getting detached

My screen is coming detached from the body of the phone. Is anyone else having this issue? It’s never been dropped or anything.

Hi there,

We are sorry to hear that. We will like to do a warranty replacement for this issue. Please send an email to to get started.

Mine is still doing good.

Sorry that this is happening. Is it on a corner or the long or short edge? i wanted to verify that it is not the preinstalled screen protector, mine is coming up, but fortunately i still have the glass protector i can put on.

Definitely not the screen protector. You can see the lights to the screen on the crack along with the metal side for the screen. Used to work at a phone store lol. It looks like it started on the corner and just going further along the top and side. The whole screen moves.

I might have the same situation. It happened with me today, when I try to change the screen protector. I try to remove it from the top left corner, and the whole screen go up and I can see some inside, so I just push it down and try with the top right corner. After that the phone works fine. Hope there is nothing wrong with it :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

I would suggest to monitor it. The new case should hold it together as well. At the same time, do reach out to us via email if this happens again.

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today my phone getting detached again while I clean up the phone. Without the case, it will be easy to detach when I flip the phone

Please reach out to us at for a warranty replacement. We are also looking into what can cause this so that it does not happen in future phones.