Screen Replacement (Old process - Archived)

Super happy with the phone, but I’ve cracked my screen unfortunately (dropped it, should have had the case on it…)

I understand I could send it back to Teracube for repair, or I think I could buy a new screen and screen protector? By modifying some urls, I found this page, but the link to the spare parts page redirects to the 2e ordering page.

Would love to try repairing it myself - what is my next step here? Alternatively, if I wanted to send it in for repair, what should I do?

Hi @mthomas - sorry to hear about your screen. We are slowly putting our spare parts in stock everywhere. As of now, they can be ordered in the US only.

In either case, just send an email to to look at your options.

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I would love to repair my broken sceen by myself too. Are there some news for the shipping of the spair parts, in particular screen for the Teracube2e, in EU - Italy at this moment?
thank you for your great work and support

We have screen replacement part stock in the US and Canada as of now. EU stock should be in within 3-4 weeks. Is that something you could wait for?

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Yes it is :slight_smile:

Thank heavens I’m not the only one… Same story here, dropped phone while a few days without the case… :woozy_face:
I would also be interested in a replacement screen in Europe (Germany).
Please keep us updated in this thread!
Thanks so much!

Hi @Heidrun_Holzapfel - welcome to Teracube forums. We are in the process of shipping screen units to the EU warehouse. Will take 2 weeks. Would that be fine? Another option is to avail of our repair service by emailing

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Hi Sharad, thanks for your reply! I look forward to hearing from you regarding the way I could purchase the replacement screen in EU when they go on sale here :smiley:!

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So do I remove the screen from the new chassis the replacement comes with? Or do I remove the guts from my old phone and install to the new screen chassis?? I’m confused. my screen is already off the old one though I guess the glue gave out.

If your screen part came with chassis, then you transfer the components from the old phone to the new chassis.

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I also received my replacement screen it came promptly. I was pleased to see that it was already mounted on a chassis.
Are there any guides on how to transfer all the components from the old phone to the new chassis?
It would be helpful to know which components are glued on and the best way to remove them without causing damage.

Sorry - that guide is still on our to-do list. you might have seen this disassembly already - is that any helpful or are there any specific questions we can answer?

So I just replaced my screen based on these instructions. It was (mostly) successful and would be confident to do it again. However, the screen replacement on your website includes the back housing (looks like all that was missing was the MOBO and USBC board). Decided the safest/easiest thing to do was to remove the glass screen from the new part and continue with the instructions.

Was also able to use 1mm TESA tape because I had that lying around. Seems to be holding up.

I did do a tiny amount of damage to the new screen in the process. Think some dust got in between the glass and sensor while prying open, so there’s some small black spots. Nothing major.

Would recommend updating this based on the inventory, or just selling the glass screen since that’s the piece that ends up breaking.

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I think we will be sticking to the new screen part (with the metal body). Have pinged our repair partner and my colleagues to see when we could put up this video.

Ok, so my screen broke and I ordered a replacement screen.
It came with the metal chassis on the back.

Since I would never put any plastic parts on anything heated,
I took the phone apart and transfered all the parts to the new chassis.

The microphone sheared off and is completely f-ed now. The speaker also got a dent and the phone is mute now. I can use headphones no problem, but a speaker would be nice.

I feel a bit arsed now.
I’ll order a new e2 anyway, but would you compensate for sending me a part that actually does not fit?

Could you please elaborate on which part does not fit?

yeah, sharad.
i expected nothing.

I’m so sorry about that. This is the 1st time this has happened. We only ship complete replacement phones to UPS Stores. I’ll work with the team to make it right for you right away. Please be on the lookout for an email from us.

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You need to do a new video for this process. The replacement screen that I received was already glued into a new frame. This is what I wanted, because I was not looking forward to the hotpad process for melting the adhesive. But the screen with the new frame is a much different replacement process. I got stuck trying to remove the vibrator and I didn’t know how to remove the speaker, the microphone and the switches. I had to take it to a repair shop and it was so easy for him that he didn’t even charge me. It would have been easy for me to, if I had had a right video to guide me.

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We have the new replacement steps here.