Screen Replacement (Old process - Archived)

Super bummed. I get prices go up but your process is broken. I was an early order person and this is my second screen replacement. First one I got a phone swap via a UPS store. This time I get a screen. The UPS store charges me $5 and now I have to do surgery on the phone. All for $20-30 more then I paid the first time. And I thought that price was locked in. Any way I only sent it to ups for the return process. Now I don’t know if I have to return it and I have to either pay someone to do the swap or risk breaking it further. Not great service here. This wouldn’t have even been so bad if I had been informed that this was happening. I wasn’t so I wiped her phone for the swap and I paid $5 for package delivery from UPS to a store instead of my house. You guys need to get this straight before you ship the next phone. Expectations are super important. The Android 11 update. The new case. All that is great… But repairability is only useful if we get things as expected. I will rewatch this and hope I don’t need glue otherwise I guess I am paying a repair shop too. At this point…

I’m so sorry about that. This is the 1st time this has happened. We only ship complete replacement phones to UPS Stores. I’ll work with the team to make it right for you right away. Please be on the lookout for an email from us.

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You need to do a new video for this process. The replacement screen that I received was already glued into a new frame. This is what I wanted, because I was not looking forward to the hotpad process for melting the adhesive. But the screen with the new frame is a much different replacement process. I got stuck trying to remove the vibrator and I didn’t know how to remove the speaker, the microphone and the switches. I had to take it to a repair shop and it was so easy for him that he didn’t even charge me. It would have been easy for me to, if I had had a right video to guide me.

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We have the new replacement steps here.