Security, Battery, Antivirus, Malware Apps with limited permissions. What are the best options? Free or Paid

After getting my new Teracube, I promised myself that I wouldn’t load my phone with too many power hungry, ad supported apps. I am holding true to this. I want my new phone to run at it’s maximum without being bogged down with a bunch of crappy ad supported spyware apps. So…my question…what are some good, free or paid, android security apps, batter usage apps, antivirus apps, malware apps? I am looking for minimum battery use but also protection for my phone. My last phone had too much…over the top junk apps…and my speed of my phone suffered.

Free or Paid but with limited permissions.

Reasons why you like the apps?


I went with bit defender it’s a pay for app it is one of the highest rated apps for malware antivirus have it on my computer and it keeps catching things others haven’t with out killing my speed.
I got 2 year promotion for 15$ Canadian. Not sure what US prices are like. I also scan with mallwarebytes free app but has pop ups. The PC software is amazing. I don’t surf as much on my phone compared to my PC when home just find small screen is not as nice. More options on PC. Battery nothing at this time. Security the bit defender comes with extra security so it’s a bit of a suit. Can require other apps to need finger print and or pin. Including to change its settings. I have the finger print lock on Facebook, apps with purchasing in it etc.
Hope this helps

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For the antivirus app, I recommend the following two (one paid, one free):

Paid: Norton Mobile Security. I am a huge fan of their PC and server security products. Their security protocol is top-notch.

Free: Sophos Intercept X for Mobile. For a free app, you can’t ask for more than these guys. It is full of features and best of all it is free. It may not stack up to the premium paid app as BitDefender or Norton but for someone like me who doesn’t surf the web much on the phone, this is good enough for me.

However, it is worth noting because these security apps are constantly running in the background (checking and all), it will increase the battery usage of the phone. Some will use more than others depending on usage and configuration. So please be aware.