Selfie Camera very fuzzy

I don’t see this fixed in the other posts I found, and I tried all the recommendations found there… My selfie camera takes only fuzzy photos. I try to have it as steady as possible, tried different photo apps, settings, etc. Nothing I do seems to give me a non-fuzzy selfie type photo. The regular camera works fine. This One was basically sitting on my desk barely used for 2 years, lens of camera is fine, clean, etc. I just never tried to take a selfie before. It even looks fuzzy on the screen before taking the photo. Lighting doesn’t seem to matter. Any ideas?

Noise reduction is too aggressive. Use OpenCamera with noise reduction turned off and sharpening set to high quality and it will be fine, but not amazing. Lighting does absolutely help. Lower ISO will be far more clean.

Are you talking don’t be in NR mode? I’ve tried std mode, NR mode, HDR… All show fuzzy in the screen, and all are definitely fuzzy when looking at the photos later. I don’t see where sharpening is even a setting. The back facing camera works well. Takes pretty decent pics without all the fuzziness.

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DRO mode should yield the best results in general.

You’ll need to go into the settings, make sure camera API 2 is enabled, and change the processing settings to disable noise reduction and put sharpening to high quality.

I have exactly those settings now and have the same blurry issue. Pic on screen is blurry, photo is blurry, No matter what I try, api2, dro, nr, std,etc. Noise reduction off, edge mode algorithm high,off, etc. Just seems a lost cause.

In my testing it performs more than adequately with the settings I suggested above, as that image is from the front camera.

You’ve done the normal things of cleaning the module, making sure nothing is over it like a screen protector, etc?

Yup. Tried everything. It doesn’t even get to barely adequate unfortunately. :frowning: Wish I would have tested this out long ago when I first got the phone. But alas, it sat unused for nearly 2 years after some short testing.