Services good for Teracube 2e running /e/?

Hey everyone. I was running /e/ on a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9 through Straight Talk with a AT&T SIM. Then they shut the network down.

To make a long story short, Straight Talk has had be bounce back and forth between Verizon and AT&T ever since. Currently, I cannot make or receive calls with my new AT&T SIM on the Teracube 2e. After back and forth, Straight Talk now tells me that my device is not compatible with their service.

Regardless, I’m kind of tired of dealing with Straight Talk. If you’re using /e/ on the Teracube 2e, can you tell me which service you are using? I’ll transfer to anyone at this point.

I have been using Net10 (another Tracfone subsidiary like StraightTalk) with one of their T-Mobile network sim cards, and I have noticed no difference in coverage/quality over the ATT sim card I had before. This was the product I got:


Thanks. I went to a T-Mobile store near me today and they had to set me up with a temporary number bu the SIM worked almost immediately. The only hold up now is waiting for Straight Talk to approve the transfer. Hopefully Monday I’ll have my old number.

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