Shipping date estimation


I still haven’t received nor had any news about shipping date for the Teracube 2e.
I live in Europe and I understand that with the situation things can get delayed but not having any news for months after it was announced that shipping would start end-of-January in Europe, I’m starting to wonder if this operations was a legit

Is it possible to have at least a shipping number ?

Hi there - just checking if you have been receiving our Indiegogo updates. Here is a link -

We have received an update from our german warehouse that there were able to ship most EU orders by this weekend (March 7th). You should receive a tracking email within 1-2 days if not already.

Thanks for your answer.

I’ll wait for a shipping link then.

If you have not received an email or an SMS by now, then please send us an email at with your order details.

Mine has just arrived a moment ago, delivered to greater Barcelona area, whitout previously receiving any tracking number.

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The same happend : Surprise delivery this morning without receiving shipping number beforehand.

Just have sent you an e-mail with details. Havent received anything since the Indiegogo update end of last month.