Should I pre-order or wait?

I really like the look of the teracube. I am almost certain that it will be my next phone.

However, my current phone (Motorola, currently needs fixing but is still in warranty) should still be ok for at least 8 more months. I can’t decide whether to pre-order the teracube and have it ready for when I am ready to replace my Motorola or wait until the Motorola is no longer useable/worth keeping.

If I decide to wait, can I buy the teracube from the teracube site once it is on general sale, or will I have to buy it through a 3rd party?

Thanks for any advice/thoughts


Hi, Teracube 2e will go on retail via our website myteracube.come, once we have shipped all the units to our backers from Indiegogo.

Thanks for checking in with us and welcome to our community!

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