Signal Quality

I’m in a fringe area, or at least I was, and I thought that T-Mobile just didn’t have decent coverage where I am. I’ve been using WiFi for calls and basically couldn’t connect to the cellular network.

Long story short (because it’s not that interesting), T-Mobile seems to now be fine where I’m located, it’s just this phone that is not getting strong enough signal to do anything.

I’ve tested 4 other phones and all of those are exponentially better at connecting to the cell network on my property and in my house.

Is there anything that can be done?


Hi @Bruce - we have most of the common TMobile LTE Bands (2,4,12) on Teracube 2e that would cover like 95-97% of the TMobile areas. However, a few bands are not there like Band 71 which could be used in remote/far-off areas. Not sure what could be happening on your property but I would guess it’s related to this.

Thank you for the reply. Good insight. I’ll try to compare specs to the bands present at the local tower.