Significant difficulty expanding & dismissing lock-screen notifications - snap-back too common

This is a problem I seem to recall having on really earlier versions of Android on older phones, but now it’s absolutely plaguing me on the Teracube to the point where I just had to post about it.

When dealing with notifications on the lock screen (phone dings, I check phone, I investigate/act on the notifications), I very often find this is the process:

  1. phone dings
  2. I click the screen on (wish it’d turn on and highlight why it dinged, but hey)
  3. I find the notification. Sometimes it’s grouped in with 2 or more in a notification bundle from an app. Trying to expand a group of notifications has the same problem.
  4. I pull down the notification. As my finger is on the notification, pulling it down, I can read the whole thing, it’s fully expanded.
  5. I let my finger up, hoping it’ll stay expanded. It does not. It collapses back up.
  6. Repeat (4) 3-4 times.
  7. Either it finally sticks, and the notification stays expanded, or I give up and just hold my finger on the “stretched” notification to keep it from collapsing as I read it.

In the above, it seems like notifications near the top of the list on the screen have the most trouble, while ones at the bottom work more reliably.

I mean, I stretch the thing open all the way to the bottom of the screen. There is absolutely zero ambiguity as to my UI intent - I’ve pulled about half the screen width and holding it… and it still snaps back shut.

Similar with dismissing notifications. Swipe to dismiss… it snaps back. SWIPE. Snaps back. Swipe. Swipe. Swipe. Swipe. Like I’m fidgeting with the world’s most frustrating rubber band. These are definitely dismissable ones - the “sticky” ones like YouTube (ugh) don’t slide as far before snapping back, and eventually I can get them all to dismiss, but it takes way more attempts than it should, most of the time.

Are there some tunable parameters in the development world for this (e.g. for the low DPI screen), or some tips and tricks that might make this routine slightly less frustrating? :slight_smile:

finally someone describing the same problem, but still no solution: Can’t swipe down to expand notifications on the lock screen consistently anymore : android_beta (

I have experienced similar behavior - expanding multiple notifications on the lock screen is not easy. As you mentioned - it keeps collapsing back. Without digging in, my guess would be its coming from AOSP (base open source Android). Will ask Devs to take a look.

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That’s what I figure, part of base AOSP. Hopefully there’s some tunable parameters under the hood that can lend to making it more reliable, or perhaps reveal why it’s “rejecting” the gestures as it does. I’d read a theory that it has to do with velocity - maybe it sees a slow swipe and rejects it based on speed of action, not the more intuitive trigger of “I’ve pulled the notification all the way 100% open, and it still collapses” - like that’s tied to an unrelated animation that gives the illusion of being opened, but the UI had already rejected the gesture.

Just brainstorming there, but really just happy to have any dev eyes on it. :slight_smile: Thanks!

I’ve finally found a moment to capture (using another phone) the issue occurring in full force this morning. Apologies for the shakycam, taken using my left arm that’s currently in a sling :wink:

Just give this video to anyone that doesn’t quite understand the issue. The gestures alone, and the end results, ought to give you all the info you need to identify the problems. lol.

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