Sim card full - sms messages

Hi all so for some reason my phone is placing all text messages of voicemail notifications on my sim card and filled it up been happening since 2020 from the dates listed. Which meant I could no longer get any Text messages at all. I had to use the Google text message app to be able to see the sms on the sim card. In the setting it has an option to see them.

I am wondering if this is a glitch on the teracube software or Google or a combination issues. I googled it and it had been an issue on some phones back in 2017.

So if you are not getting text messages use the Google text software and go into the settings and delete all the messages off the sim card. And should be good for a while depending on number of voice messages you get. Note they can only be deleted one at a time and it is slow but if you only remove one or two it will fill up quickly once you get more voice messages.