Sim Toolkit not ready or unsupported

Excited about new phones as current phones are on the frits. My partner and I are experiencing same issue, different carriers; ATT and Verizon.
Followed install process, no issues there. Anytime we go to use the phone for texting or internet use, service cuts out says no carrier then SIM Processor " updating contacts" appears. Attempted to open SIM ToolKit App with message “Sim Toolkit is not ready or not supported”. Gone through and cleared storage and cache on Sim ToolKit, no improvement. Reinstalled sim cards and swapped slots, no improvement.
ATT Phone will place/ receive calls and texts. Verizon phone will place/ receive calls but no texts transmission.
Suggestions, Tips, Help?

Just to confirm, does your AT&T SIM allows you to call/text but data is not working?

Verizon is not supported (as they need their own certification). So we will not be able to troubleshoot that part.

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Thank you for the quick reply! My apps are still trying to upload, which started 2pm yesterday why I suspect a data issue (not on wifi at the moment). Yet, it may be this SIM issue since the uploads are interrupted when service is lost and rebooted. Unsure how to troubleshoot and apologies in advance for misusing any terms, android novice.

Few follow-up questions and suggestions:

  1. Android/Google play store does have a setting that limits app updates over LTE. Can you check if your apps are updating at all or not?
    1.1 You can check the update activity in Play store > My apps & games
  2. If you are able to install apps, can you install “Fast” (by Netflix)? It will allow you to measure your LTE and/or Wifi bandwidth.
  3. The LTE icon on 2e has small arrows for upload/download data activity - are they blinking?
  4. Separately - could you take a video of what is happening and send it to with a reference to this thread?
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