Smooth Way to swap SIM Card for outgoing Calls available?

Hi there,
during setup my fine new 2e i was asked for the Main Simslot to use for Data or Phone Calls.

Q: When i want to do a call especially with the other Simslot i don’t know how to change. My previous Phone offered to swipe over the DialButton to switch between the Simcards, but here i can’t find a way.
Does somebody can tell me how to switch ?
Thanks a lot.

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The Phone app defaults to Sim1. You can change this setting as follows:

  1. Open the Phone app
  2. Tap 3-dots on top-right
  3. Settings > Calling accounts
  4. Change “Make calls with” to “Ask first”

Hi Sharad, many thanks. I was blind. :blush::+1:

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I learned something new as well :grinning:.