[Sold] Teracube 2e for sale

Update: This is sold

Brand new, in box, never activated. Purchased 2 in May 2022, however, I am not tech savvy enough to get comfortable with my first one, so my wife decided to stay with her old Samsung. Paid $329, am offering it for $199. Free shipping to USA only.

I am reducing the price to $179.

Is this phone still available. ?

It is available, I should be able to get it boxed and mailed within a day after payment.


It is, but I’m not sure if you are receiving my replies. I tried to reply to your email, then i noticed it came from a no- reply email address.

I don’t know if you got my email, phone is still available. Thanks

The problem is, I’m in the Philippines. Is it workable ?

Let me do some research on shipping. I’ll get back to you Monday/ Tuesday

Must be shipped via ground, new postal rules. Has to do with the battery. Sorry

Sold, don’t know how to delete the thread, sorry