Some issues: the screen protector defect and calling

My screen protector has a very annoying defect. It stuck fine and I was careful to not have bubbles but the other side of the glass has a bubble so every time Iook at the phone there is a 3/4 inch diameter bubble and it is driving me nuts. I feel like teracube owes me a new protector. Also, just once so far in the 2 days that I have owned this, touching the phone icon to make a call resulted in a message that said phone is not responding or maybe it said phone has stopped. I don’t recall now but the reason I backed this is my crappy previous phone kept doing that too! I got it back by restarting but even that took a lot of touches to get it to respond. I instantly filled about 15% of the memory when I got it so I don’t think it is a memory issue like it was with my previous phone sometimes. The battery will definitely need to be charged once a day at the rate I have used it but I spent hours and hours on it setting up apps and stuff the way I like it and once I am finished with it, I will use it much less and I expect much better battery life. I have not been outside since I got it but another problem I had with the previous one was having a hard time with navigation as it often dropped the signal or just did not respond so I am anxious to see a great improvement in my ability to navigate while driving. It is my first device with usb-c so now I have to shop for some C cables. I figured there would be some bugs but I hope they get worked out quickly.

Please install our software update to fix all the issues you are facing.