Sound is very low

Now that I finally got my Teracube 2e working with my MVNO, I just discovered sound is too low. Software settings are maxed out but the volume is perhaps 1/10th of my other phone. The volume is too low for it to be functional. Are there any fixes for this or could this be a defective unit?

Suggestions please.

Hi @TeracubeUser7 - is this from the earpiece (during a call) or from the speaker? 1/10 seems something is not right. Lets do 2 things:

  1. If you can record a video/audio from another phone and share it directly to me (by tapping my profile photo here).
  2. Do a factory reset and see if that makes a difference.


  1. Am sharing two recordings one of the Teracube max volume and the second maxed volume my other phone which shows a marked difference. So you know, the Mac volume of Teracube in a car doing map following is even more attenuated by noise.

And when using an ear piece that’s when volume drops to barely audible making it unusable. I don’t know that I can record or illustrate the ear piece volume which is dramatically less than screen volume. I would have expected to make sound more hi fi through ear piece which works fine on my other phone. I get the opposite with ear piece.

  1. How do I factory reset? Will it erase all my added apps?

Thank you,

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Can you go to Settings > System > Backup and make sure you have Google backup enabled.

If yes, when you do a factory reset - all your contacts, texts, and apps will be restored from Google login (like a brand new Android phone does). However, you will have to login again in to the apps.

Hi @TeracubeUser7 - thanks for sharing the video. From the video, it is difficult to judge if the audio level is the same or lower than our default Teracube 2e volume.

As the next steps, I’ll suggest the following:

  1. Do a factory reset to see if that makes a difference.

  2. We could do a warranty swap for you to see if that makes a difference.