Spare Battery

Before doing that, I tried one more thing: I did a Wipe Data/Factory Reset from Recovery Mode. That seems to have fixed it, apparently there was something that wasn’t getting wiped by Erase all data (factory reset) in the system menu.

I would like to have a spare battery but I’ve been told that since I’m in Canada there is no stock available and contact them “in a few weeks”. This is rather sad because my original battery bulged and broke so I’m completely unable to use my Teraphone.

Hi @Leslie_A_Chatterton - we have a small emergency stash of batteries in Canada (while more are on their way in a month or so). Please email to get your battery replaced. (You can mention my post in your email)

Is there an update on the availability of spare batteries in the U.S.?

Spare batteries are now available in the US and EU on our website - Teracube 2e Replacement Battery

I missed it. :slightly_frowning_face:
No batteries available.

Oh, I went to look again, just in case, and it’s there. It has a different page name.
So happy to get a spare battery!

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