Spare Battery

I am supposed to receive a spare battery for the 2e which has been bought and paid for. I realize that there have been issues about shipping the lithium ion batteries. What is the latest and when can I expect to receive the battery.

Hi @spencer_silberstein - we have started shipping the batteries in the US (mostly because the 1st stock arrived here). The remaining batteries are being prepped to be shipped from China in the next 2-3 weeks.

The battery arrived on May 24 in a small bubble-wrapped package. Thank you.

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Thanks @spencer_silberstein. Yes we went for a minimal yet safe packaging to get started :slight_smile:.

As I understand, the battery is generic - is there something I can buy from an electronics store? I ask because I’ve had a major issue with the charging port (have sent email to support, waiting on response), but in the meantime can’t get data off of phone as it won’t charge.

You might be able to get an external battery charger like this? (Note, I’ve never tried this so it might not work.)

We have tried that generic charger - it does work with 2e battery. It may work for short term. However, the pin alignment is not fixed and pins might move around after every charge - will need periodic tinkering to get it right.

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Ditto… Any news on when spare batteries will be shipped? Thanks.

We are starting to ship more battery orders from a China fulfillment partner. Shipped a test batch of 12 units last week. More happening this and next week.

Hi Sharad, Can you confirm if you are up to date on battery shipments as I have not received mine in the UK yet. Thanks in advance

Hi @Andy_Ham - we are shipping the last batch of batteries out of our China warehouse last and this week due to VAT changes. Hopefully should be delivered within 1-2 weeks.

Hi @Sharad, Thanks for the update.

Where do we order spare batteries and other available accessories? Thanks!

Hi @Sharad, any news on battery ships?

We have about 25 orders left to ship (out of the original 400) that couldn’t ship out of the China warehouse. @mlrsmp - are you looking to place a new order or is your original order not delivered?

@nancyp0913 - welcome to Teracube forums. We are expecting to have the Battery for sale soon. Arranging logistics has been a nightmare with all China Covid related closures.

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Disregard… My idiot son failed to tell me he received the battery I thought I was missing. Thanks Sharad.

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Where are the spare batteries sold? I’m not seeing any accessories at all for sale on

We have almost run out of the initial stock of spare batteries. The next batch has been ordered with the order of 2e’s - expecting them to come in stock together in about 3-4 months.

As much as I’d like to have an “official” Teracube 2e battery, has anyone found a spare that works? I prefer Amazon for speed of shipping, but will definitely be alright with other stores as long as it’s not going to be January before I get it. I’ll even make due with a smaller capacity battery if necessary. Long story short, my battery life has gone way down. I have tried the factory reset/clear the cache/install minimal apps route but I think it’s the battery itself that is the problem.

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Hi @MarVellJones - have you reached out to the support team? We might be able to replace your battery.