Spare parts availability - batteries, screen replacement part, screen protectors, etc

Glad to announce that we have most of our requested spare parts in stock.

Buy Accessories - batteries, screen protectors, cases, etc
Buy Spare Parts - for repair

  1. Batteries - US, EU
  2. Replacement screen part - US, CA, EU.
  3. USB Board part - US, CA (UK and EU are on their way)
  4. Cases and screen protectors - everywhere.

We will continue our work to improve further availability over the next few months.

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This is fantastic, thanks Sharad!
With respect to the replacement USB-C board, do you happen to know if this is plug-and-play, or if it requires soldering? If it requires soldering, is it something a reasonably capable repair shop could handle? Could instructions be provided?

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49$ for a spare battery??


Hi @ecs - the USB board replacement does not require soldering. It has a connector to the main board that needs to be unplugged. I’ll get a guide/video going - hopefully soon.


Granted, I haven’t designed/developed a web page since 1999 :rofl:, but isn’t a primary goal of web design to have a hierarchy of all public pages linked in a natural way to make information easy to find, and all information findable from a single landing page (main page)?

Although I very much appreciate you providing the links to the spare parts and accessories pages on the community post, I think y’all should design your web page to put those pages more up-front in your store, given that that really is a selling point for the sort of weirdos like me that dig your phone. I found that by scrolling to the very bottom of the store page, I could find a link to Accessories, but I could find no way to link to Spare Parts starting from your home page. Am I just hopelessly old-fashioned in my expectations of the internet?

Yes - that is an area that we need improve/fix. When we got the spare parts in stock, I didn’t want to wait till we have the right website navigation and hence made the forum post. Will get that going as well soon. Thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:.

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Hi Sharad,
I need a new screen for my 2e, s/n 000478. Apparently you are out. What is the availability going to be? I’ve tried calling on the phone but can’t get anybody and am still waiting for a callback. Seems like you are short-staffed. I’m beginning to worry about Teracube. I’ve been very happy with the 2e, but I’m no power user. Please let me know what’s going on. Thanks.

@Sharad or @andy.karuza I am glad these are available for purchase but I am really wondering when pre-ordered batteries and other parts will actually be mailed out. I received an email from Andy K this time last year (jul 21) to confirm my mailing address and saying they would ship it asap and it never came and Andy stopped responding to their email about it. Please update.

Sharad, for those tinkerers who wish to attempt to incorporate wireless charging for this phone, can you circle which are the power connectors and which the data connectors for the USB-C port?

I’m thinking along the lines of incorporating a thin copper-film wireless charging coil that sits atop the battery (inside the phone cover, between battery and cover), and is soldered to the USB-C power connections.

Hi @Andy_Mc - I’m really sorry for the dropped thread. I have created a new ticket and sent you an email asking to confirm the address once again. Please reply to the email so that we can get it shipped asap.

Hi @D.B - before we go down that path, do you want to look at this way of incorporating wireless charging (you can read the entire thread).

Wow, I didn’t even know that was available. That’s awesome. Thanks, Sharad.

Now if only I could just buy a phone… :yum:

Hey @Sharad , do you know when to expect screens back in stock (for US)? I haven’t been able to get an answer from support and I really need to know so I can decide my next steps.


We are in the process of replenishing the warehouse. In the meantime, we have also enabled stock to be shipped from our office.

Is it possible to buy the plastic/film screen protector or do you only sell the glass one? Need something for my new screen :grinning:

We only sell glass screen protectors. In our experience, plastic ones provide less protection and are less smooth comparatively.

Hi Sharad, 2 weeks of ownership and I have cracked the screen protector. I am based in the UK, can you please advise where I can get a replacement? Many thanks!

Hi @KSarah - I’m glad that the screen protector was on there :slight_smile:. You can purchase new screen protector on our website (link).

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