Spare parts availability - batteries, screen replacement part, screen protectors, etc

Glad to announce that we have most of our requested spare parts in stock.

Buy Accessories - batteries, screen protectors, cases, etc
Buy Spare Parts - for repair

  1. Batteries - US, EU
  2. Replacement screen part - US, CA. (UK and EU are on their way via UPS)
  3. USB Board part - US, CA (UK and EU are on their way)
  4. Cases and screen protectors - everywhere.

We will continue our work to improve further availability over the next few months.

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This is fantastic, thanks Sharad!
With respect to the replacement USB-C board, do you happen to know if this is plug-and-play, or if it requires soldering? If it requires soldering, is it something a reasonably capable repair shop could handle? Could instructions be provided?

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49$ for a spare battery??

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Hi @ecs - the USB board replacement does not require soldering. It has a connector to the main board that needs to be unplugged. I’ll get a guide/video going - hopefully soon.


Granted, I haven’t designed/developed a web page since 1999 :rofl:, but isn’t a primary goal of web design to have a hierarchy of all public pages linked in a natural way to make information easy to find, and all information findable from a single landing page (main page)?

Although I very much appreciate you providing the links to the spare parts and accessories pages on the community post, I think y’all should design your web page to put those pages more up-front in your store, given that that really is a selling point for the sort of weirdos like me that dig your phone. I found that by scrolling to the very bottom of the store page, I could find a link to Accessories, but I could find no way to link to Spare Parts starting from your home page. Am I just hopelessly old-fashioned in my expectations of the internet?

Yes - that is an area that we need improve/fix. When we got the spare parts in stock, I didn’t want to wait till we have the right website navigation and hence made the forum post. Will get that going as well soon. Thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:.

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