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I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like the speakers Volume has decreased in sound ever since the recent update (bug fixes). Like before when I raise the volume a couple of decibels I could hear a video/song with no problem but now in order to hear it decently I have to raise it almost if not all the way up. Let me no if I’m not the only one or if it’s just me, and yes I’ve checked my volume settings.

Will test wife phone tomorrow mine is super loud. Showed friends my phone they are impressed most have new super expensive phones now wishing they had waited. :grin:

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I’ve noticed a similar issue. The audio sort of comes in and out unless it’s turned way up. I use my phone for sleeping apps and this has been an issue.

Ok tested my wife’s and my son’s phone all are super loud I can even listen to music (dependant on song quality) with out even linking to the radio. Wife’s van doesn’t have Bluetooth connection etc. I have decent hearing so compared to other phones I have owned this is truly impressive for me. My wife is deaf so volume is always off on hers and on vibrate. Son Bluetooth mostly. So. I am one of the few that uses the speaker. Though son does find the alarm is louder on this phone. Heavy sleeper.

Something to check not all apps are created equally. Try another app and see. Also the lower the bit quality of the music (smaller the file) the poorer the playback for volume is generally. Hope that may help. I have songs that I like that have horrible playback due to low quality files unless I have it hooked to a stereo to help boost the audio from their.

@MrCthePlant - I have asked the same thing in your other thread about the vibration intensity. Could you check if your phone is updated to SW6. If you are unsure, check here Software update available. You can also report your Build number here - Settings > System > About > Build.

If I turn down the volume in a game or FaceBook, my phone ring seems to turn down too.

I thought I had found a place to say I don’t want notifications pings, but I keep hearing my phone ping, and beep.

Is there a single place to look to see how to silence (or not) all the many sounds the phone is making?

Settings > Sound has 4 sound level settings. Ring level controls both call ring volume and notification volume.

Found those 4 settings, and tried many combinations and still can’t get it to do what I think I want.

What do the 4 symbols mean? Clearly not what I think they do.

So the problem is Android many versions ago decided that notification and ring volume use the same setting. So if I turn down the sound in Facebook, my phone wont ring when someone calls. If i turn the ringer back up, the Facebook ping can be heard in the next zip code.

According to this link some phone makers have taken matters into their own hands. Any chance this can be added in the next update?


This is definitely a usability quirk. We will look into it as best as we can.


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