Sprint Compatibility with Teracube 2E

Sprint says that given my IMEI number on my phone Teracub-2e IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH SPRINT OR T-MOBILE. Has anyone else had this problem?

Yes - original Sprint connections are not compatible with Teracube 2e. Please read more in the below thread:

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I’ll just add that the switch to T-mobile was painless and definitely the easiest way to do this. I’ve been a Sprint user since 1998 or so, and initially wanted to stay on them to the end. We had a really old, Everything plan that no one has been able to match for years. Fortunately, TMobile had some specials going on that made the new plan almost as good (and still plenty for our usage) and we save 30 bucks a month when you include the free Netflix.

The change will happen eventually, so might as well dive in. Just take it a Tmobile store and they should be able to get you switched over quickly.

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Already did this. Switch to T-Mobile was relatively painless. When they scan the IMEI code it will say that it’s not compatible but it is. Teracube should work on that.

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T-Mobile was going to be more expensive for us (due to a very old Sprint plan) so we switched to Ting. Now our bill will be about half what our Sprint bill was.


We were with Ting for a while after we left Verizon. Really enjoyed their service, but with two teenagers, our data bill was astronomical. Customer service worked with us a couple of times and actually reduced our bill when my daughter went crazy using Youtube, and Instagram. Really good people at Ting.