Sticker on the back

At first, I thought the back of the phone was pretty ugly. I also wondered if it had a sticker on it. I picked at the edges and nothing came loose, as I didn’t want to damage the back of the phone I let it be. I was still bothered by it so I shot an email to support. Sharad’s response “Oh, just give it a little flick under the camera bump and it will come right up”. I did and it did. I imagine that most of you figured this out right away. For those of you, like me, that didn’t go ahead and give it a flick, then enjoy the rush of peeling the sticker off and seeing the shiny, glass back.

On a separate note- I see that Teracube has an Amazon page. I plan on posting a review later today. Anyone else who is finding that your new phone meets/exceeds your expectations feel free to join me. My thinking is that the more phones Teracube sells, the more likely they are to be around for the long-haul and provide us updates and support. Teracube on Amazon