Still experiencing poor battery life

After the Teracube_S1_06 software update, I’m still experiencing poor battery life. I’ve done a factory reset without installing any additional apps and receive the same results. I then added a single app, SystemPanel2, in an attempt to troubleshoot. I found that the CPU Clock Frequency spikes and remains at a high level, until I reboot the phone. The battery drain coincides with the high CPU Clock Frequency. I’m unable to see which process is causing the problem as it’s listed as “unaccounted”.

The screenshots show that shortly after I went to bed, the CPU Clock Frequency spikes. It wasn’t until I woke up, realized it, then rebooted the phone to return it to a normal state.

Do you have “Standby intelligent power saving” turned on (under Settings | Battery)?

This is what my battery looks like. Granted, I am not actively using the phone but as you can see it has been on standby for 2 days and about 50% of battery.

I am going to install SystemPanel2 this afternoon and see if I find anything interested to report on.

Yes, “Standby intelligent power saving” is enabled.

While @anthony is installing the SystemPanel2 app, we could continue some debugging. Could you collect ADB logs and see if there is anything special going on. Here are the steps:

  1. Install and setup ADB debugging (XDA tutorial link)
  2. Now run “adb logcat” (XDA tutorial)
  3. Please do not share logcat output here since it may have personal data like phone numbers, names, etc. You can email the logs or relevant snapshot to (Refer this forum topic in the email)

Just looking at your charts and it does look like your CPU is running suspiciously high. I am curious what process is running in the background causing it.

If you can follow @Sharad post above and run the ADB logcat, that would help us tremendously to diagnose what’s going on behind the scene.

EDIT: I was checking out the SystemPanel2 app and I noticed there is a Wakelocks tab. If you can share the screenshot of that as well might be helpful also.

The SystemPanel2 screenshots and ADB logcat file have been sent via email. Thanks in advance.