Stock camera app on T1-Android 10 is very basic

After the upgrade to 10 the stock camera app is about as bare bones as it gets. It lost features like the equivalent of “portrait mode” and I am only seeing 1 mode now, Normal. There seems to be a few setting but it’s kind of disappointing how featureless the stock camera app is after the 10 upgrade. Am I missing something? Is there a defacto recommendation on another app that works well on Teracube?

I am not looking for a crazy amount of features just something that has a few modes for different types of pictures. Not overly interested in making manual adjustment each time I take a picture, just an app that would have some out of the box auto features that you would see in any other standard camera app.

Yes - its a known thing and is on our agenda. Its a mini project by itself - porting features from Android 9 app. Meanwhile, Open camera is the recommended app on the forums - you could give it a try.

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