Stock FM Radio app apk?

According to my conversation here, the stock Teracube 2e operating system has a true “offline” FM radio app (headphones as antenna, receiving actual radio waves). As a Teracube 2e “Murena” user (pre-installed with /e/ OS), I did not know this until today (that’s on me, there are several conversations related to it).

I would really like to have this functionality on my phone because that’s the sort of nerd I am. I had tried finding one on F-Droid, and did, but it is only for Android 7 and earlier, I think. I’ve also looked on Aurora (Google Play mirror), and while there are a lot of hits for “offline FM radio”, there are in fact no actual offline radio apps that I can find.

I’m wondering a few things that I’m hoping someone in the community (or tech support) can answer:

  • Is the stock FM radio a version of an app that can be found on Google Play (or Aurora)?
  • Is it otherwise maintained on a repository somewhere as an .apk?
  • Does anyone know categorically why it would be incompatible with the /e/ OS? Is it a microG problem?

Marking this thread as a duplicate of this conversation. Please continue the discussion there.