Stuck in android recovery, does not boot

I’ve already sent in a support request. Just asking here in case I missed anything.

The T-2e was great since purchase then 2 days ago started having issues charging and was getting warm when plugged in. Rebooted a few times. Yesterday, it began restarting randomly and disconnecting from mobile (SIM detected but no phone number etc.). Based on advice in support/help center, I cleared the cache. That worked for about an hour then back to same issue. The T-2e also was not charging now just getting fairly hot in fingerprint sensor area. turned off to cool down and then backed up and performed a full factory reset and restore. That seemed to work for a few hours, and was able to charge ok. The phone then got real slow - as though the touch screen did not work. Finally, it restarted and is now in Android Recovery. Tried a factory reset form that menu - no good - stuck in a boot loop. Any advice, pointers appreciated. I had set up the phone for my corporate overlord’s 2-factor SSO for the VPN etc. Going to be fun logging on tomorrow morning!


Sorry to hear that. Here are few things you can try:

  1. Install factory software using SP Flash.
  2. Take the battery out for 5 mins and retry.

If these are not working, then we might have to do a warranty replacement.

Hello Sharad,

I already tried the battery trick. no go. Not my first rodeo.

As for SP Flash, I do not have access to Microsoft Windows. Please provide information on using a tool that is available one of the Linux OS distributions. After all, Andriod is based on Linux so why would I use MS software on anything?

Here is one user’s linux guide. there might be few other tips in the search results.

Thanks for the linux guide link. I’ll keep it in mind. However, since T-2e is only a few months old, and had several problems, esp, not charging and overheating in and above the fingerprint sensor area (not the battery), before it conked out complety, I’ll request to send it back for a repait or replacement.

Sounds good. Please email us at to get started.