Sudden connectivity issues?

I’m gonna preface this by saying I am familiar with the fact that Google Fi is not a listed network among those the Teracube 2e claims compatibility with, and I was fully prepared to switch networks when I received the phone if it turned out not to work at all.

I’ve been using my 2e with Google Fi since I received it with absolutely no issues up to this point. It’s so far worked the same as any other phone that would be considered “compatible” with their network (i.e. operates exclusively on the T-Mobile part of the network). Within the last couple of weeks, though, I’ve been having escalating issues related to connectivity beginning with MMS messages not downloading & ultimately escalating into calls not going through for several minutes then not hanging up and texts taking several attempts to go through. I hypothesized that it might be a problem with the SIM card itself, and the Fi customer service agent I spoke to agreed, so I ordered a new one. The new SIM card finally arrived today, and it’s a marginal improvement. It’s doing a better job of recognizing that there is, in fact, a SIM card in the device, and I was able to use my mobile data fairly stably, but texting still doesn’t really seem to be working (haven’t tried calling yet). I tried switching SIM card ports in case that was the issue, and it’s pretty much the same.

At this point I’m at a loss. I saw someone else post today describing similar issues, though their post read more like they just started trying to use 2e on Fi, so now I’m wondering if something might’ve been changed with the network recently that ended up impacting compatibility?

I really wish we could support Google Fi and be able to diagnose what could be going on. However they do some cross-network magic and we may be missing some of their vodoo code - which is why we don’t claim Google Fi support (for anyone who might be new to this topic).

Just to eliminate any issues with your phone, is it possible for you to get hold of a TMobile or another MVNO SIM card and try it out?

I decided to try switching to Ting since it’s listed as a compatible network & you get more for your money anyway. I’ll see if that resolves the issue when the new SIM card arrives Monday or Tuesday.

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The new SIM card has arrived, and it’s been working fine so far, so I’m gonna say this is resolved.

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